Flag of Democratic Republic of Congo ECTN - Democratic Republic of Congo

In order to ensure proper cargo clearance, an “ELECTRONIC CARGO TRACKING NOTE (ECTN) / FICHE ELECTRONIQUE DE RENSEIGNEMENT À L’IMPORTATION (FERI)”, also known as a cargo waiver, is mandatory for all shipments to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The responsibility for creation lies with the sender of the goods. The ECTN/FERI number must be noted in the cargo documents (bill of lading, manifest). All incoming cargo without an approved ECTN/FERI will be blocked for handling/delivery and will result in penalties.

Required documents and information:

  • Copy bill of lading
  • Commercial invoice, with separately stated FOB goods value and ocean freight costs (otherwise an additional ocean freight invoice or ocean freight declaration is required)
  • Transshipment details
  • HS Code(s)
  • Grossweight and netweight of cargo
  • COD- and FXI-number (to be provided by importer through Bureau Veritas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The procedure is known to the importers); in addition to the COD-number, Bureau Veritas provides a FXI-number. This FXI-number consists of 10 digits.

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