Flag of Cameroon ECTN - Cameroon

All shipments to and from Cameroon (except cargo in transit and/or in transshipment) must be covered by an “ELECTRONIC CARGO TRACKING NOTE (ECTN) / BORDEREAU ELECTRONIQUE DE SUIVI DES CARGAISON (BESC)”, also known as a cargo waiver. Corresponding cargo without an approved ECTN/BESC constitutes an offense against existing regulations and entails severe penalties from the authorities in Cameroon. The corresponding number of this certificate must be noted in the cargo documents (bill of lading and cargo manifest).

Required documents and information:

  • Copy bill of lading, correctly dated
  • Commercial invoice, with separately stated FOB goods value and ocean freight costs (otherwise an additional ocean freight invoice or ocean freight declaration is required)
  • Transaction number, starting with PRxxxxx (to be provided by the importer)
  • NIF number (to be provided by the importer)
  • DI/SGS Ref. (to be provided by the importer)

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