Flag of Central African Republic ECTN - Central African Republic

An “ELECTRONIC CARGO TRACKING NOTE (ECTN) / BORDEREAU ELECTRONIQUE DE SUIVI DE CARGAISON (BESC)”, also known as a cargo waiver, is required for all shipments to the Central African Republic. The responsibility for creating it lies with the sender of the goods and must be created at the loading port. The ECTN/BESC number must be noted in the cargo documents (bill of lading, manifest). Incoming cargo without an approved ECTN/BESC will be blocked from clearance and delivery and risks significant penalties.

Required documents and information:

  • Copy bill of lading, correctly dated
  • Commercial invoice, with separately stated FOB goods value and ocean freight costs (otherwise an additional sea freight invoice or sea freight declaration is required)
  • Export customs document
  • Country of Origin

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